Toister, Yanai. Photography from the Turin Shroud to the Turing Machine. Bristol/Chicago: Intellect/Univ. of Chicago Press (book under contract).


April 2018

Love’s Labour’s Lost (academic paper).

The Production of Information: Technologies, Media Markets, and Labour in the Twentieth
Century conference.

Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg Germany.


November 2017

The Epistemological Index (academic paper).

Pointed or Pointless: Recalibrating the Index, A conference and forum on the index in contemporary photography and image-based practice, theory and culture.

Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM), Potsdam Germany.


May 2017

Love’s Labour’s Lost (academic paper).

After Post Photography 3 conference.

European University, St. Petersburg Russia.


February 2017

Picture(s) Now: Constructions of Temporality Since Social Media

(group exhibition, curated by Lisa Andergassen,Yvonne Bialek and Rabea Rugenstein).

Museum für Fotografie, Berlin Germany.