“In these photographs reality itself assumes the form of a photograph. Subjects at the heart of Toister’s work – the discourse on photography, the debate about nullification of the photographic subject – are expressed in reverse fashion in these photographs, in which reality seems to confirm the existence of photography. Toister has used a sophisticated scanner designed for scanning three-dimensional objects in order to scan some red Fuji apples that he brought from Australia. Traces of leaves that had covered the apples show up as yellow marks on their surface. Toister has returned to the pioneering days of photography, to the photogram, which he has found in the actual world. The scanned image (that, like the photogram, is photography without a camera) creates a three-dimensional illusion similar to studio-made still-life photographs, and stands in contrast with the traditional photogram’s flatness. Photography returns to its role as an observer of reality, finds traces of itself within it and gathers them into its fold, only to turn the tables once again.”

(Naama Haikin)