Tri-Channeled Compositions

“In Tri-Channeled Compositions we are shown photographs built out of three superimposed, slightly misaligned, images, each containing only one of the three basic colors of light (red, green, blue) used to produce what we like to call ‘life-like’ colors in photography. It is a reflection on photographic seeing, which is intimately related to ordinary seeing since the human eye has red, green and blue receptors.”

“The image of the straight photograph – representing Nature (trees) or Culture (bridges, building materials, roads, electricity pylons) – is broken up into the operations that create within it an illusion of ‘natural’ colorfulness and an impression of depth (that is, perspective and three-dimensionality). Thus an alternative aesthetic is produced, a sort of contemporary formulation of Mark Rothko’s fields of colors…”

(Naama Haikin)

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